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Nexus 6.5 Corrupted Download (I/O Error)
Did you encounter an error while trying to install the Nexus TK client?

Step 1: Check your user privileges.

If you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000 Operating System you will need to make certain that you have Administrator privileges to install Nexus TK. Logging on with the Administrator account will allow you to install Nexus TK.

Step 2: Clear your temporary directory.

If you have the proper Administrator privileges, or are using Windows 98/ME, and are still receiving an I/O error during the installation then you may need to clear out your Temporary

Clear out Temporary Directory:
a) Click Start->Run.
b) Type the following command then press Enter:
     explorer %TEMP%
c) Delete all of the files in that folder.

Step 3: Delete the corrupt files and download new ones.

The only way to fix a corrupt file download is to clear your Temporary Internet Files, delete the bad file and try again.

1. Clear your Temporary Internet Files:
a) Open up Internet Explorer.
b) Click Tools->Internet Options.
c) In the "Temporary Internet Files" area click the "Delete Files.." button.
d) Click OK to delete the temporary files.

2. Delete the Corrupt file.

3. Download new files from the download page.

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